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Rhine in flames

Experience the annual fireworks spectacle "Rhine in Flames" between Bonn and Bingen. Enjoy the spectacular fireworks in the night sky over the picturesque Rhine landscape. Join us along with many other selected festively lit ships in one of Europe's largest ship's torsos along the Rhine.

Book your river cruise to the sea of lights on the Rhine with DCS-Touristik. The most beautiful Rhine in Flames cruises are waiting for you here!

But not only the fireworks make your 6-day Rhine in Flames cruise an unforgettable experience. The complete arrangement of festively lit romantic castles and landscapes of the picturesque towns along the Rhine and a musical accompaniment fo the fireworks consistent with the mood, provide this special Rhine in flames magic. The magnificent fireworks will finally inspire you completely. With professional pyrotechnics masterpieces shine in the night sky, which offer you a fantastic view.

The prelude to the river cruises to the Rhine in flames Events with DCS-Touristik will be in July in Rüdesheim, followed by Koblenz in August and Oberwesel in September. On land, numerous events with bands and artists from the region take place, who also looking forward to the highlight of the breathtaking fireworks spectacle, which will be fired at the arrival of the ship's convoy in front of the picturesque scenery.

There is no suitable offer available at the moment. Please be patient and feel free to check back soon.