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River Cruises 2019
River Cruises 2019
Experience your unforgettable river cruise on the Danube, Main, Rhine and Moselle
The most beautiful rivers in Europe
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DCS-Touristik GmbH is the organizer and provider of river cruises on Danube, Main, Rhine, Moselle, and was founded in 1985 in Nagel.With our river cruise ships, we specialize as a tour operator on high-quality bus-boat combination trips with group travel, river cruises, event trips, round and city trips, wellness trips and musical trips. Our river cruises on the Danube, Main, Rhine and Moselle lead you to historically important cities, places and events, such as our river travel highlight "Rhine in Flames" or the romantic cruise to tulips bloomed to Amsterdam and of course the theme trips to Easter, Mother's Day, to Advent and the annual Christmas markets in the historic cities on the Danube and Rhine and of course classic New Year's Eve. Save with cheap remaining cabins, early bird discounts and last minute offers. River cruises can take two, three or up to ten days and more and are offered on the Danube, the Main, the Rhine, the Moselle etc. River trips on the Danube from Passau are enjoying great popularity. All our river cruise ships provide excellent comfort and a very pleasant atmosphere on board.