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Danube Cruise - Experience unique river landscapes

Experience magnificent cities on a Danube cruise

Welcome to the beautiful blue Danube. What is more unique than being driven on the river Danube? The Danube is an extraordinary river and with a length of around 2850 kilometres, it is the second longest river in Europe after the Volga. The Danube connects ten countries with all their traditions and different cultures. A Danube cruise will take you to the most beautiful and magnificent European metropolises of Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade. Many magnificent buildings await you in the capitals on the Danube and will bring you closer to a part of the history of Europe during your visit. Enjoy a dreamlike Danube cruise on board our river ships past romantic river landscapes and the vastness of the Hungarian lowlands down to the Danube Delta.

Danube cruise to the Danube Delta

Experience the Danube in its full splendour on a Danube cruise to the Danube Delta. The unique nature of the beautiful Biosphere Reserve is just right for every Danube lover. The mouth of the Danube into the Black Sea offers you a great change from the river landscape along the route before. After passing through the Iron Gate, the long Danube cruise offers a fabulous view of the beauty of Wallachia and the Balkan region in Hungary and Romania. Finally, the Danube spreads at the mouth of the Black Sea to a gently flowing water reservoir. In the Danube Delta you can expect pure nature with the impressive flora and fauna, which offers the local animals an optimal habitat. During your Danube cruise, let yourself be enchanted by the flair of the Danube, because it is not for nothing that the Danube is called "The Queen among the Rivers".

Diverse offers for Danube cruises

For selected dates on our Danube cruises, get up-to-date partner offers or cheap single trips with a low surcharge for the single use of your cabin. Even those who are short-changed will always find Danube cruises with greatly reduced prices at our Last Minute – Cancellation Cabins. Find here all the trips and information about the Danube cruise and book your dream river cruise on the Danube.

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